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  1. How responsible are you for the Environment ??? Dec 23, 2019

    Tree plantation is good for the environment. Everyone knows that trees are the source of oxygen. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen without which the survival of living beings is not possible on earth.

  2. Aahwahan Foundation had distributed beds, and other materials at the Adruta Children Home (adopted by Aahwahan Foundation) Nov 25, 2019

    Aahwahan Foundation had distributed beds, and other materials at the Adruta Children Home (adopted by Aahwahan Foundation)

  3. POVERTY? THE BIGGEST ECONOMICAL QUESTION by Aahwahan Foundation Nov 06, 2019

    More than 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day and an estimated 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty i.e. less than $1.25 a day or less. An average earning person can never imagine how much difficult it is to live with $1.25 a day. According to the 2010 data 18% of the world’s population is living way below the poverty line. Talking about the India, it is the country with the highest population living below the poverty line. Today, the poverty rate in India is 21.1 percent.

  4. Aahwahan Foundation - Nurturing the potential of local communities Nov 06, 2019

    In a short span, Aahwahan Foundation has been recognized for transcending social boundaries and differences.

  5. Blanket Donation Camp Started By Aahwahan Foundation Nov 06, 2019

    Aahwahan takes up the challenge of providing for all these helpless people during the harsh winters. Every winter calls for a blanket donation campaign from this young NGO. We try to reach out to every person in need during winters and provide them with the warm comfort of a blanket. By doing this, we save the lives of hundreds of people shivering in the bitter cold.

  6. Aahwahan’s Green Revolution Nov 06, 2019

    Aahwahan commits not only to the well being of the poor, but also shares an equally important commitment towards Mother Nature. Just as the saying goes, “A seed planted today, grows its branches tomorrow” , we do believe that we must give back more than what we take from Mother Nature.

  7. GREEN WALL: AN IMMEDIATE CALL by Aahwahan Foundation Nov 04, 2019

    A vertical garden is a garden that grows upward using a trellis or other supportsystem rather than on the ground horizontally. It is an indoor/outdoor modular planter with multiple levels of vertically spaced pots or planters.

  8. Integrated Agriculture – Sowing The Seeds of Prosperity Oct 31, 2019

    The rural economy is in distress. India is facing an agrarian crisis. The crisis would be one of the main issues in the upcoming elections and could potentially decide the next government formation. There are several factors that have led to this crisis – collapsing farm prices, inadequate insurance cover, lack of irrigation infrastructure, ineffective marketing, outdated technology, and fragmented supply chains etc.

  9. Computer Institute on Wheels - FOR RURAL INDIA Oct 31, 2019

    At this age of Information Technology, we are all surrounded with a lot of technology in day to day life to ease out a lot of work just with minimal effort and time. However, have we ever wondered how much does this technology reach to every corner of the world? In India there are still some places where information technology has still not stepped in, but how to bridge this gap between a city and a remote village which still lacks electricity and an internet network is a big concern. Should the upcoming generation from the villages be deprived of recent trends in technology? In this effort to bring entire India and its youth together in same pace, we are starting Mobile Computer Education.

  10. Become a Winter Soldier by AAHWAHAN FOUNDATION Oct 30, 2019

    Winters are a tough time. With temperatures dropping drastically and the added chill in the winds, survival becomes harsh especially for the needy and homeless. Every year hundreds of people become a victim of this phenomenon. The bitterness of winter affects a vast majority of population in ways unimaginable to the comforts of our living rooms.

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