1. Aahwahan’s Green Revolution Nov 06, 2019

    Aahwahan commits not only to the well being of the poor, but also shares an equally important commitment towards Mother Nature. Just as the saying goes, “A seed planted today, grows its branches tomorrow” , we do believe that we must give back more than what we take from Mother Nature.


    To honor our commitments, we have made giving back to Mother Nature an inseparable motive and driving force of our work. Thus, comes in the tree plantation drives. We encourage planting trees in all geographical areas we operate upon. Our obligation to look after out Mother Nature makes Tree Plantation drives one of the much awaited events in our organization. Every individual, associated with Aahwahan strongly believes that planting a tree is as pious as giving life; if not more.

    We are an organization making an impact and trying to change the society for the greater good of the people living in it. But, we also know that our Earth is suffering from the atrocities of her own children’s and if we truly want to bring about a change in the society, we cannot leave behind our Mother Nature. Society and nature goes hand in hand and this is what we at Aahwahan want to showcase to the world.


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