1. Aahwahan Foundation - Nurturing the potential of local communities Nov 06, 2019

    In a short span, Aahwahan Foundation has been recognized for transcending social boundaries and differences. We are unrivaled and unparalleled in relation to service delivery within the NGO space. Our commitment to accountability and transparency even during tough times is key attributes that differentiate us from other NGOs. We have raised the bar high and it would be difficult for other NGOs to emulate it. A luminary such as “THE ROCKET MAN” Dr. K Sivan Sir, Chairman of ISRO has appreciated the path-breaking social work at the ground level by Aahwahan Foundation. Dr.K Sivan Sir lauded Braja Kishore Pradhan for being a tireless social worker. He was pleasantly surprised by Aahwahan Foundation’s seamless service delivery encompassing inclusive education, environmental protection, women’s empowerment, community development, among others. He congratulated Aahwahan Foundation for making a deep impact on society’s progress and encouraged them to relentlessly keep up the good work. Such kind words and acknowledgment from Dr. K Sivan have reenergized the entire team at Aahwahan Foundation to increase the speed and scope of service delivery. A team from our NGO had felicitated Dr. K Sivan on 17th October 2019 for placing India in the global space map through the success of Chandrayaan-2 and in the process restoring the pride of being an Indian.

    "We want a world that is equal for everyone"


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